Armenian Cultural Fund in Hungary was founded in 1995. Since 2005 volunteers took an active role in Fund’s activities and in different cultural events. In the scope of the European Voluntary Service , which lasts one year, the volunteers have had the opportunity to take part in different cultural events organized by Armenian Cultural Fund, where they enlarged the scope of their knowledge, achieved the set up goals and developed their skills.

For the Armenian Cultural Fund the participation in “Youth in Action” project is quite important, as it provides an opportunity for youngsters  to expand their involvement in cultural programmes .

Volunteers involved in the Fund’s activities got the opportunity to take part in various cultural events, exhibitions and national memorial days, as well as different festivals. Moreover, by writing and translating news and articles about Diaspora, cultural events and traditions, publishing these on the www.armenians.hu website, volunteers have had the opportunity to develop their skills not only in this area, but also promote public awareness.

 During this one year voluntary service they participated in two trainings organized by Tempus National Agency , in which volunteers from different countries shared their skills, found an interlink between  the cultures, traditions and got acquainted with each other.

In the scope of the Armenian Cultural Fund’s volunteering activities, Mane Ayvajyan and Diana Yeghiazaryan  had their involvement and share from 2018 to 2019 activities namely,  65 projects were implemented, among which also international Festivals where 8 countries were involved. As well as youth camp was organized by Mane and Diana in Armenia with 410 participants from 15 countries.  

The participation of those two volunteers had a very important role not only in organizing various events but also their ideas and initiatives were precious during the festival. Volunteers themselves took part in this festival, which lasted two months which was taking place not only in  Hungarian cities, but also in Transylvania’s old Armenian Gheorgheni city. Mane  and Diana also had their inputs in developing articles dedicated to the Armenian days, festivals, exhibitions and miniature, painting classes organized for children. This gave them an opportunity to develop their language skills  which was also supported by Armenian Cultural Fund. All these events were illustrated and published as an article by the volunteers in Armenian Cultural Fund’s official website: www.armenians.hu.

This one year of voluntary service was very fruitful and the efforts of those two youngsters were truly appreciated and we may proudly say they brought brilliant ideas and initiatives, hard work and creativity  to the organization. Meantime, these all efforts brought them a benefit of being creative, open minded and skillful which hopefully will serve a base in their future career. We are sure that it will be very easy now for them to integrate in a new culture as they did work with different people from various cultures, religions and traditions and thanks to the National Agency our volunteers found their peers to share experiences and ideas and finally enjoy their time during this one year.    



Akopjan Nikogosz
President of Armenian Culture Fund
e-mail: n.akopyan@yahoo.com