„Hotel Yerevan” theatre in Veszprem

On November 9th, the „Hotel  Yerevan” comedy by the Urartu Armenian Theater took place at the Veszprem Cultural House. Theater is a comedy story about Armenian family, in which events are developing in Budapest.  The Armenian family names it Hotel Yerevan.  It is also worth mentioning that the „Hotel  Yerevan”  Screenwriter is the Director of Urartu Theater Diramerian Artin. We can talk about „Hotel  Yerevan”  a lot, but the important thing is that the program has been of great interest to the audience. The play is in a comic genre that has helped the audience to relax and enjoy the theater. The „Hotel  Yerevan” dramaturgy is exactly what can happen with all the Armenians living in the Diaspora. The goal of the Armenian Cultural Fund  is to showcase the Armenians living in Hungary, Hungarians engaged in culture, and those who are interested in what kind of funny situations can happen to Diaspora Armenians.

„We believe that a good performance has been made and many people have been interested. There is a wish to present such events next year  not only in Vessprem, but in the places where there are Armenian organizations or where there is a need to display Armenian culture. „

Director of Armenian Cultural Fund

Nikoghos Hakobyan