My Step wins overwhelming majority of 65-seat City Council, Hayk Marutyan expected to take office as 55th Mayor of Yerevan

 YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 24, ARMENPRESS. Three political forces have won seats at the Sunday Yerevan City Council election. The three include: My Step, the bloc which won a landslide victory, Proseprous Armenia Party and Luys (Light) bloc made it to the city council. Preliminary counts of all precincts shows a massive 81,06% victory for My Step. 294,109 people voted for the alliance. The Prosperous Armenia Party is the runner-up with only 6,95%, or 25,219 votes. Luys (Light) bloc won 4,99%, or 18,112 votes. In accordance to the electoral code, based on the preliminary results My Step will have 54 seats at the 65-seat City Council. Proseprous Armenia and Luys will have 6 and 5 mandates respectively. The final results of the election will be released by the central electoral commission on September 30. As required by law, the first session of the new city council after early elections is convened 10 days after the release of the final results, meaning on October 10. If a party garners more than 50% of seats at the city council, the number one candidate of the party list of the given political party is named the mayor-elect by virtue of law. Therefore, Hayk Marutyan from My Step is expected to be inaugurated as the 55th Mayor of Yerevan on October 10.



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