A meeting of young people and children


On May 26, the Armenian Cultural Fund in Hungary organized a meeting of young people and children, which was the first organized event in its nature. The goal was to give the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with each other to many Armenian families living in Hungary who heard about each other but haven’t still met. There are Armenian children who may have met in the kindergarten, whose parents have not yet met or even vice versa. According to the director of the Fund Nikoghos Hakobyan, this event was one of the most successful and the best organized work since Fund also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new Armenian families living in different parts of Hungary, who hope to participate in this event in the coming year as well. The event succeeded so much, that many Armenian families joined, with 150 and more Armenians present, instead of 80 to 100. The program started at the cultural center, where Armenian families got acquainted with each other, as well as discussed the Fund’s programs and perspectives, motivating Armenian families to participate in them later. The cultural center also featured Armenian national garment, after which the event continued in the open air. The children were busy with activities and games, and during the event everyone prepared Armenian dishes together. It was a good family-friendly meeting that everyone wanted and that must be continued.


  „We receive many letters about the continuing nature of the event, people are interested in other programs and express their desire to participate in various programs. Of course, the program was not entirely financed by the Armenian Cultural Fund, but was also the financing of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resource Program. Let’s hope that it will continue next year and more and more people, especially children and students wanting to join the event would be a part of the event. „


 Director of Armenian Cultural Fund

Nikoghos Hakobyan