One day in Gyergyosentmiklos







The First Festival of Armenian Diaspora  continuies taking events and it is time for Gyergyosentmiklos, Romenia, which has been one of the first settlments of Armenians in Europe and armenians had great role in the history of the city. On September 8 there was an opening ceremony of a Khachqar dedicated to the armenian chatolic church by the Armenian community of Hungary. There was many importat people as Armenian ammbasador of Romenia, Mayor of Alaverdy  Karen Paremuzyan, member of Romenian parlament Varuzhan Voskanyan,the head of Lori marz Artur Nalbandyan. The ambassador of Armenia thanked the Armenian community of Hungary and said that such events are very important for Armenians to present their history to Europeans.

Aznavur 2

Then Urartu musa dagh 2Theater presented the life of famous armenian chansonnier Aznavour, the director Artin Dirameryan  tried to present the most important episodes and songes of Aznavour. The next day they presented the Musa Dagh musical which is about the crimes and barbarism commited against Armenians and they showed the unquenchable spirit of the Armenians and the power of will.We can surely say that the audience liked the perfomances, the applause and the tears are the ones who speak. Let’s remind that the The First Festival of Armenian Diaspora continues its series of events in Budapest and Debrecen.  We are looking forward all of you, don’t miss the chance to be the participant of the firts festival.