Armenian Genocide cross-stone vandalized in Germany











Unidentified people have damaged the cross-stone commemorating Armenian Genocide victims, at Inselgarten park in Leer, Germany, local Armenian resident Albert Tovmasyan on Thursday told Armenian

“We had placed granite stones on the sides, beautified [it]; now, they are damaged,” he added. “I assume the youth from the Awege party are the doers; there are such conversations in the city. We caught [them] the first time they had done it. Those that damaged the cross-stone were drunken youth.”

Tovmasyan said it was decided to install video cameras nearby this cross-stone.

“At the moment, we are negotiating so that the area will be recorded and such incidents be ruled out,” he noted. 

This monument was vandalized in February, too. 

The cross-stone was placed in October 2016, and as a symbol of the memory of Armenian Genocide victims.