1505532 1026596047379271 2843188251731646360 nIn2003, theArmenian Gevorg Avetisjanfounded with his sister the Czech companyinFrydek-Mistek which produces honey cakesMARLENKA®basedonan old Armenian family recipe.In honorofmothers and daughters owner got cakenameMARLENKA.At the timeofits inception, the company has one employee, but year after yearitisdynamically growing.

The numberofemployees after the launchofthe second production hall is 85and the annual productionis250,000cakes.At the endof2008 the numberofemployees increasesto186, the production runsincontinuous processtomeet the demand and the annual production reaches1,250,000piecesofcakes.  

To increase the levelofhygiene standards andtomeetagrowing customer´s demand,itwas decidedtoinvestina modern operating plant.

In April 2009,itcompletedanew, modern production hall withanareaof​​4,000 square meters.20401114 1964265707149482 1248247626 n

Production hall concealsafully automatic production line, designedinthe Netherlands, whichisby its functionality only oneinthe world and its production capacityis1000 cakes per hour.In2014another production hall was additionally builttothe original building, thankstowhich the total built-up area reached ​​8,000square meters.

A fully automated production line for Napoleonky (preparationofpuff dough, baking and decoration sections and packaging line) and for favoriteMARLENKA® nuggets was installedinthe new factory.

The installationofthese machines has ledtoa considerable increaseinthe efficiencyofproduction capacity.Asthe yearof2014isa yearofmajor changes, the name of Miko International Ltd.has been changedtoMARLENKA International Ltd.