“1915 The Armenian Genocide” Film

“1915 The Armenian Genocide” Film
To set the record straight; Armenia’s Dynastic presence in Anatolia stretched for over 4500 years, squashing Turkish and Azerbaijani Falsifications and claims that “Armenia never existed”.
Yes, Nefertiti (the Most Beautiful Woman in History) came from the ancient Armenian Mitanni Kingdom located on the Armenian highlands, is one of countless example of ancient Armenian legacy. Historians pointed out in the 19th century that Mitanni (along with Hayasa) is one of the Armenian Indo-European kingdoms that existed in the 2nd millennium BC.
PS as much as Turkey and Azerbaijan (specialists of Murdering Armenians) have tried to destroy the Armenian civilization, by Genocide, Cultural Ethnic Cleansing, and Falsification of History, the Legacy of the Armenians and claim to their historic lands will survive!

Dr. Haik Asatrian wrote about this in 1929

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